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To file or not to file an insolvency petition? To maintain a business in operation or to cash in the assets? To liquidate accounts receivable or use them to assert your interest in insolvency proceedings? These decisions can sometimes be as hard as finding your way out of a dark forest. You may be very near the edge, but if you go the wrong way, you won’t get out.

We have experience from hundreds of cases of insolvency and restructuring. Our past experience acts like a compass for us. We will find the right direction in a chaotic situation. Seek our help in time and we can overcome complex cases of insolvency and restructuring together.

Our unique approach

1. Practice makes perfect We have been in the market for longer than quarter of a century, since the renewal of bankruptcy law in the Czech Republic. The longer we focus on solving corporate insolvency, the more solutions we see and the more accurate our estimates of the outcome are.
2. Devil’s advocate Not only do we function as barristers, but also as trustees in bankruptcy. We are able to see a situation from all different sides. We provide an unbiased perspective and a pragmatic criticism. We will help you find the optimal solution.
3. Specialization We are specialists – an IKEM amongst family doctors and health centres. We operate in all sectors. We solve both urgent and chronic cases of corporate insolvency. We cooperate with corporate lawyers and follow up on the work of long-term consultants.

There are simple games and challenging super games. Insolvency is a super game with many players, strict rules and forfeiture deadlines. You cannot learn it on the go. Time moves faster here. The power of your position in the process, the way of solving the bankruptcy and the outcome, all that depends on who manages to insist on what at the separate phases of the proceedings.

For more than quarter of a century we have been focusing on the judicial process of insolvency proceedings. We can help you effectively. We have specialised long-term in representation in insolvency processes before courts of all instances and in all related disputes.

Our unique approach

1. Experience Do you need a solution to your problem? Do you want to study boxing manuals or do you want Mike Tyson on the team? Insolvency is a super game with strict rules. We have played this game a hundred times. The situations repeat themselves and we know how to react to them. We use our experience gained from many hundreds of insolvency proceedings for your benefit.
2. Knowledge of detail We know the behaviour of the separate courts and even of specific judges and trustees in bankruptcy. We sense the details which predestine the success or failure of a chosen strategy. We are able effectively to assert your interests in the proceedings.
3. Cap We know you want your expenses under control. We offer a realistic fee cap for standard cases of insolvency and restructuring.

A crisis is an opportunity for change. An timely court-mediated restructuring reduces the risks for the people involved, raises the degree of satisfaction of creditors’ receivables, purges the business of old debt and creates an opportunity for new capital. Different rules apply for court-mediated restructuring than for an ordinary M&A transaction. It is a formalised judicial process. We will provide you qualified plans for the restructuring process and help you achieve your goals.

We work for owners of corporations, first-class managers, significant creditor or strategic investors.

Our unique approach

1. Unique experience We have a 1/3 market share and unique practical experiences with court-mediated restructuring of many large businesses - see references.
2. Focus on goals With our knowledge of judicial practice we can create a detailed restructuring plan and negotiate the conditions with relevant participants and the trustee in bankruptcy. We will prepare everything you need for the approval of the restructuring plan and ensure its execution.
3. Special licence Apart from legal services we also provide the services of trustees in bankruptcy. We belong to the elite club of administrators with a special licence, we are permitted to solve bankruptcy of large corporations and financial institutions and carry out court-mediated restructuring.

Take the opportunity to use our mutually beneficial cooperation! We offer you our specialized expertise and an addition to your team in the form of consultants for the insolvency process and restructuring, fields in which we have unique practical experience – see references. We perform legal representation in insolvency proceedings and related disputes concerning accounts receivable, property or compensation. We provide support during transactions in insolvency proceedings, in choosing or changing a trustee in bankruptcy and especially concerning the service of trustees in bankruptcy with a special licence, required by law for restructuring.

We value our relationship with a client. We limit our activity to the agreed individual service or scope of our lawyers’ mandate to represent you.

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